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Jomwa The Artist

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The artist at home - Jomwa Phiri

On one of our travels in Mangochi (Palm Beach Resort) we meet a Malawian artist by the name of Jomwa Phiri. He is a very talented and experienced artist who has been in the industry for over 30 years.

We were very keen to know how he started and this is his story.

Mr. Phiri was born in 1959 in Chintheche, Nkhata Bay in the Northern Region of Malawi. He began his art career as a paddle carver shortly after leaving school in 1978. In 1983 he discovered international artists and began studying art books that introduced him to Pablo Picasso, Rown, Georgian, Alwyn Crash among others. His passion for the art helped him to learn so quickly and build on his natural abilities.

After mastering the art he soon started looking for a place that would give him more business but also stimulating environment to pursue his production. He soon found himself in Mangochi. He established himself and became one of the well recognised artists in the area. He settled at Cape Maclear and did most of his business from there.



Mr. Phiri busy painting at Cape Maclear while a traveller admires his work.

He has several diverse styles ranging from idyllic lake shore scenes with imposing baobabs for which he is well known. He also paints in an abstract style. His portraits of working Malawian women are well known through the world and symbolize the industriousness of the people of the lake.




His art can be found at Cape Mac Eco Lodge, where he was found as a residence artist but also features in many of the top Malawian hotels, such as Club Makokola. In Blantyre his work can be found at the La Carvena Art Gallery in the Mandala House. In Lilongwe his work is displayed and greets all entering and departing passengers at Kamuzu International Airport.

He has had many exhibitions throughout the country and also in Johannesburg and Europe. One of the most interesting exhibitions was in Nicaragua in celebration of the UN-designated year of African Descendants in Latin America in 2011 where he was the featured African Artist.



One of the Travel Malawi Guide team members admiring his work.



Children always have so much to ask and learn from his art.

Mr. Jomwa supports his wife and six children through his art.

These days Mr. Jomwa is found at Palm Beach Resort and is where he is doing most of his work at.



Palm Beach Resort gives him the atmosphere to bring stunning art while enjoying the lovely breeze from the lake.

To contact Mr. Jomwe use +265 (0) 999 292 469 0r 881 699 519

The Travel Malawi Guide team is always interested in such home grown talent and took the initiative to share his story with the world. He deserves to be supported and he has put Malawi on the map positively with his art.


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