Chilema Tree & Mwala Wa Mphini

Chilema Tree & Mwala Wa Mphini

Malosa is a small trading centre located in the Zomba District of Malawi. The Malosa mountain range and plateau neighbours the more famous Zomba Plateau and is separated by the Domasi Valley.

Malosa is on the M3, 27 km from the city of Zomba. The earth road from the trading post leads from the edge of the main road right up to the base of the Malosa mountain range.

Located in Malosa is an area called Chilema. ‘Chilema’ in Chichewa (the local language) means ‘disabled’ or ‘deformed’ and this area gets its name from two natural phenomena. Firstly, a stream that starts at the top of Malosa Mountain but as it flows down it gets smaller and disappears at the point of Chilema. Secondly a tree, the Chilema Tree.

This colossal Banyan tree is one of the incredible sights visitors to the country can witness. What appears to be a forest is actually one tree.

The tree is more than 50 years old, and covers an area of 700 square meters. The Banyan tree is the only one of its kind in the whole of Malawi and only found in Malosa, the beautiful old capital city of Zomba.

Whenever you are in Zomba and have few minutes to spare please passby and see this beautiful little forest.

Another wonder not to miss as you head down to Cape Maclear is the Mwala Wa Mphini.

Mwala Wa Mphini is a natural geological formation located within the protected area of Lake Malawi National Park.

The name translates to approximately “rock marked with traditional scars” from the Chewa language. Many believe it to be a sacred rock with special healing powers

It is only 4km from the main road and a signpost is visible, you will not miss it.


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