Lengwe National Park

Lengwe National Park is situated on the banks of the Shire River in the South of Malawi, 80km from Blantyre. It is 900km2 and was created in 1970.
Lengwe National Park is home of nyalas – which are indigenous according to some sources -, buffalos, striped back nyalas, kudus and more than 300 bird species! Five species of antelope can also be counted in the park and the birdlife is prolific with about 300 species recorded.

Landscapes and vegetation in this park are unique as it doesn’t have any source of perennial water and only receive enough water during rainy season. Be ready for an exceptional dryness. The vegetation is thicket with some deciduous woodland and denser tree growth along the stream course. The combination of a very flat and arid landscapes makes the observation of wildlife very easy as animals congregate around the few water holes of the park.

Much of the surrounding area consists of sugar cane plantations, however a heritage centre at the entrance to the park named ‘Tisunge!’, meaning ‘let us preserve’ in Chichewa, aims to preserve the Lower Shire Culture. Various artefacts are on display in the centre’s museum. Man-made pools assist with game viewing and visitors can stay at Nyala Lodge.

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