Kasungu National Park

Kasungu National park

Kasungu stretches along the Zambian border and is Malawi’s second largest national park covering approximately 2000km. It is located in the central region and rises about 1000 meters above sea level.

The landscape consists of miombo woodland and grassy river channels known as dambos. The Dwanga and Lingadzi rivers flow through the park and are the main water sources supporting this ecosystem.

There is also a lake where a hippo population is established. Antelope, zebra, leopard, buffalo, jackal and serval are all present, however the elephant population has been reduced to an estimated 300 due to serious poaching over the last 5 years.

Hyena and wild dog can be heard roaming the park, particularly at night. The park also contains many important Iron Age archaeological sites. Although closed during the month of March due to heavy rains making tracks inaccessible, regular vehicles can tour the park during the rest of the year. Accommodation includes the beautiful Lifupa Conservation lodge.


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